Then at willparents

Then at willparents MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONLodge of the king And, Oh, At, , .

Lodge of the queen I, , , And, .

Cards should be cut out from lodges of the king and the queenand to connect vertically i.


in a column in thatorder in which they are printed.

Then at willparents these lodges from the faceare pasted over with an adhesive tape, and are behind pasted on the fleecypaper other option to paste a flypaper.

It is necessary to put them for days under a press a leafplywood or a dense cardboard and to fit a flannel.

Now lodges of the king and the queen can be placedon a flannel board.

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And on the contrary, at me isproofs

And on the contrary, at me isproofs Favourite toy neverloses charm.

The same fairy tale will listen muchtime with unrelenting interest.

And on the contrary, at me isproofs of that irritates mothers odnoobrazy interests of the child.

How many time, happened, mothersask the doctor to diversify a diet, squashes and compotesto the child already bothered.

They bothered you, instead of to the child it was necessary to meto them to explain.

Boredom a subject for solid researches.

Boredom loneliness, absence of impressions; skusurplus of impressions, noise, din, turmoil.

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Therefore It means that it internally really ripened for its receivin for its understandin for its absorption in itselfhimself and further application of a conclusion to which he came.

Therefore I never on anything did not answer anybody.

Every possible debates, courts, discussions, conversations, the forums, which children carry out among themselves by means of tutors, their campaigns somewhere and then discussion of that saw, why and as all differently saw, is should lead them to the independent answer to the questions.

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It is not necessary

It is not necessary Often the child negatively waves the head, removes a pencil, the book etc.

, takes a hand aside a plate with porridge.

You that, porridge do not want you ask with a pressure, accompanying a word the vigorous removing gesture.

It is not necessary You do not want porridge And here he wants to take toy.

Cannot get, complains, points a finger at it.

It It to give we use a word to which can designate any subject.

Consider only what to speak and it, and there, and it is not necessary on the first time it will be together with you.

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Besides, in the middle

Besides, in the middle Its relation to life, to the world, a condition of development of her soul, ability to keep and develop a physical organism and many other things is transferred to the child together with milk of mother.

Besides, in the middle of the top and bottom lips there are peculiar small knots, or hillocks.

This place of the termination of our main meridians, forward median and back managing director.

Thanks to information containing at thin level in our forward median meridian, we build the future.

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